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Taking care of the patient,
not just the cancer.

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Medical Oncology Team

Physician Teams

It is not only advanced cancers that require the care of expert medical oncologists, even patients with early stage cancer may benefit from therapies targeted at the prevention of further disease. We have a team of medical oncologists who provide services within Scully-Welsh Cancer Center. While these physicians can manage practically all cancer types, they also work together synergistically sharing expertise. Challenging cases are reviewed within the group and also at tumor boards.

Same day or next day appointments are available. The Medical Oncology appointment number is (772) 226-4810. The patient care navigation number is (772) 226-4827.

Medical oncologists take care of cancers which may go by a number of different names including a malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, and malignant neoplastic disease. Cancers can also be called different names, dependent on the tissue site they develop in. Cancers developing in epithelia tissue are called carcinomas, while those from connective tissues are called sarcomas. Cancers from the blood and immune systems include leukemia, multiple myeloma and lymphomas.