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Taking care of the patient,
not just the cancer.

3555 10th Court | Vero Beach, FL 32960

volunteerAs part of the Scully-Welsh Cancer Center, we have developed a support system for people who have been diagnosed with cancer called the John W. Scully Volunteer Program. Bill Scully established the Volunteer Program to honor his brother, John, a loyal member of the Hospital Auxiliary who died from cancer in 2012.

A new diagnosis of cancer is very frightening and a survivor or caregiver can best relate due to their own circumstances. Plus, our volunteers provide an ongoing positive and uplifting support for our community members and their loved ones who need them.

Candidates considered for volunteering must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Those who have or had a cancer diagnosis
  • People who support loved ones with cancer
  • Those who have lost someone to cancer

Services Offered by Our Volunteers
We understand that each person has positive attributes in different areas so we allow our cancer volunteers to reach out to cancer patients and their families through a variety of ways:

  • Visits in chemotherapy infusion unit
  • Visits in radiation therapy unit
  • Visits in inpatient cancer treatment unit
  • Attending community health fairs for education and information purposes
  • Assisting with cancer resource library
  • Follow-up telephone calls to patients
  • Assist with clerical work in cancer office

Most volunteers will choose to work a 4-hour shift any day of the week.

The program’s volunteers work in the cancer center to make patients feel as comfortable as possible. They open doors, transport wheelchair patients and deliver snacks and pillows. Some assist with administrative tasks, while others help out on the Inpatient Oncology Unit, providing a warm blanket or a cool drink to patients.

Other support services provided by our volunteers include:

Find more information on becoming a volunteer.